Elettra Automation

Based in Prato (not far from Florence in Tuscany), Elettra is an industrial automation specialist operating on a national and international level.

Thirty years' experience in the field and a first-class client and project portfolio attest to our reliability. Elettra develops CNC industrial automation projects for the precision mechanics industry and provides automation, retrofitting and software solutions.

Elettra's range of services includes:
- custom solutions for precision mechanical workshops;
- support services for maintenance technicians and mechanical servicing firms;
- consulting services for the Research & Development departments of large businesses;
- project and operations partnership for mechanical engineering and electronics consultancy firms;
- On-demand assistance and outsourced services for machine manufacturers.
Our experience, expertise, project assessment skills, versatility, responsiveness and service scalability result in turnkey solutions to fit every requirement.


Da Novembre 2009, Elettra è Siemens Solution Partner per i settori Retrofit e Machine Tools Value Added.

Solution Partner