Industrial automation

Established in 1987, Elettra is based in Prato where it operates in the field of industrial automation on a national and international level. Since then, a second generation of highly qualified associates has joined in and enriched the existing solid experience with new fuel of innovation and energy, propelling Elettra's activity into the new Millennium fully equipped to meet the novel challenges of mechatronics – the discipline of the future merging mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering and software.

A close-knit team of highly qualified mechanics, electronic technicians, programmers and consultants manages industrial CNC automation projects for precision mechanics and provides turn-key solutions in the automation, retrofitting and software development fields.



Project assessment skills

understanding customer's needs and the potential of existing technology is crucial for the best possible outcome of each individual project.

Experience and expertise

our client and project portfolio is the best proof of our reliability.


guaranteed timely call-out response to minimize downtime.

Versatility and scalability of service

we offer solutions to fit every need and welcome with equal commitment projects of all sizes.


we pride ourselves in thirty years' experience in the field.


passion, curiosity and creativity are key in a constantly evolving industry.


we work in close collaboration with carefully selected and repeatedly tested technical and commercial partners.


we welcome the opportunity to act as local representatives in international projects requiring an Italian partner for regulatory, financial or tax reasons.


Da Novembre 2009, Elettra è Siemens Solution Partner per i settori Retrofit e Machine Tools Value Added.

Solution Partner